5 Gallon Stacker Crane
5 Gallon Stacker Crane

5 Gallon Stacker Crane

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5 Gallon Stacker Crane


  • System is controlled by digital electrical and pneumatic machinery palmistry
  • Highly-efficient and low consumption
  • Small space: 1 person can operate this machine, 5 gallon bucket can be stacked into 1 to 3 layers and each layer is 16 bottles (4 x 4)
  • Machine is working with automatic sliding feeding barrel
  • Low power consumption
  • Checking close signal can adjust feeding speed automatically to achieve match with filling line
  • Pneumatic barrel pairing system will not hurt bottle and shrink film, less air consumption, running stably
  • Lifting system use linear bearing slider and soft-connection structure, lifting stable and low noise
  • Touch screen + PLC, CNC system, stacking layer can be set on touch screen to adapt customers’ request
  • Lifting sensor will check condition around, it will stop working to alarm if people or trailers come close


Main motor deceleratorMRV050i=40, 0.55kW
Dimensions (L) 1776 x (W) 2462 x (H) 1900mm
Materialssupporting plate: 3.0mm
shrouding: 2.0mm, SUS304