5-stage RO Water Purifier
5-stage RO Water Purifier

5-stage RO Water Purifier

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5-stage RO Water Purifier
5-stage RO water purifier consists of five stages’ filtering: First filtering: fiber filter, core filters sand, iron rust and other grains Second filtering: granule active carbon absorbs special smell chlorine remains, pesticide remains and more Third filtering: fiber filter core filters small materials less than one micron and effectively protect reverse infiltrated film. Forth filtering: get rid of bacterium, virtues, heave metal, metallic salts, organic and minerals. Fifth filtering: post position active carbon absorbs special color and smell to guarantee the taste of pure water

1. Economic and environmental protection
2. RO membrane automatic washing
3. Working status display lamps
4. Electronic spill water protection,more safety
5. Output water with pleasing taste to reach drinking water sanitation standard
6. Elegant , economical and endurable

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