Auto Cap Loading And Washing Machine
Auto Cap Loading And Washing Machine

Auto Cap Loading And Washing Machine

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Auto cap loading and washing machine is necessary for 5 gallon bottle filling line of capacity above 300BPH. The air blowing device efficiently conveys caps to sorting part, without any damage. Sorting part makes sure each cap enter the rail in order by correct direction. Customer can chooses only pure water cleaning or add detergent flush when cap is conveying on rail. This step is helpful to keep water quality. Cleaned caps then will be sleeved onto bottle neck, and be sealed by a crawler tightly and evenly.



1.Stainless steel made
2.Air blow for cap loading
3.Automatic cap sorting
4.Cap cleaning by pure water and detergent (option)
5.Cap sealed by crawler
6.Prompt and accurate delivery with excellent logistics support to even very remote locations all
over the world
7.Best customer care and efficient after sales services

Production process
Turn on the Air Protection Switch and the Emergency switch.  Set “Option switch” to the position of “Automatic”, press “Start up” ,the device work automatically. When the work signal which connects to the bottle pushing pneumatic valve of filling machine is activated, the cap sorter motor starts to work immediately, then send the caps along the cap sorter to the cap direction exchange pneumatic valve endlessly.  When there is signal from cap inspection switch forward and backward, the cap outlet direction exchange pneumatic valve is electrical and starts to work immediately, conveying the cap pushing cylinder mechanism to push the cap with neat vertical into cap washing track, and passing through two work stations.  The first one is disinfectant washing work station, and the second one is pure water washing work station.  After the high pressure disinfectant washing and pure water washing from the nozzle which is installed around the orbital slot, depending on the pushing-force which cap pushes cap to send the cleaned cap to the cap feeding funnel.  At the same time, the blower begins to run, making a large wind to send the cap to the cap sorter pan along the firm stainless steel pipe easily. At this point, a cap washing and cap feeding cycle finished.

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