Automatic 3-10L Bottle Washer Filler Capper 6-6-1
Automatic 3-10L Bottle Washer Filler Capper 6-6-1

Automatic 3-10L Bottle Washer Filler Capper 6-6-1

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3L-10L water filling machine can be classified into atmospheric pressure filling machine and isobaric pressure filling machine. It depends on the production that customers want to produce. Generally mineral water production line, and pure water production line will choose atmospheric pressure filling machine. Carbonated drink production line, oil production line and fruit juice, fruit tea production line will choose isobaric pressure filling machine.

The equipment is integrated by washing, filling and capping together. It’s well designed with good looking. In addition, it’s easy to operate and convenient to repair with high automation. Very convenient and economic for buyer because no shifting parts needed as long as bottle necks are the same when there are more than one bottle sizes. Linear design is simple and less possibility of problem. Capacity is high to 1000BPH. If above 1000BPH, rotary is necessary.

Production process
Bottles are fed from conveyor chain into the washing/filling/capping machine. Bottle clamp installed on the rotary wheel of the rinse will grip bottle mouth and make a 180° turn along a guide track to face the bottle mouth downward. In designated section of the rinse, rinsing water will jet out from special nozzles to flush bottle inside wall. After rinsing and dripping, bottles gripped by bottle clamp will make another 180° turn along a guide track to resume bottle mouth facing up position. Clean bottles are discharged out of the rinse by the conveyor to feed the filler. After entering the filler, bottles are retained by neck supporting carrier plates, which are actuated by bottle carrier mechanism to raise them to engage with filling valves. Filling valves are opened by bottle presence signals. After finishing filling, valves are closed by valve closing mechanism to further stop venting to complete the filling process. Bottle carrier mechanism is lowered by a cam to disengage filled bottles with filling valves. Then bottles are transferred into the capper by conveyor. Anti-rotation blades on capping heads will seize the bottleneck to prevent it from rotation and hold it in a upright position. The twist-on capping head will make revolving and rotating movement along with the machine to finish the complete capping process of cap picking, placing, twisting, and disengaging under the control of a cam.


1. All parts that have direct contact with the water are made of high-quality stainless steel
2. The critical electrical components are from famous international companies, such as Mitsubishi, 
Omron and more
3.The suspending bottleneck clamping design make the bottle stable during the high-speed 
moving conditions
4.By changing a few parts, it can meet the need of production of different types of bottles easily
5.The new generating of stainless steel grab is adopted and the grabs have no contact with the area above the bottle screw thread
6.Nozzles in the grab can guarantee the complete wash of the interior of the bottle
7.The advanced gravity filling technology used in this machine makes the filling quick, steady and accurate
8.Magnetic torque is used for screw capping, and the power of screw capping can be adjusted 
9.Capping is reliable and do no harm to the caps
10. Advanced technologies, such as human-machine interface touch screen and PLC program 
control are adopted in this machine