Automatic Bottle Loading Machine 60-1200bph
Automatic Bottle Loading Machine 60-1200bph

Automatic Bottle Loading Machine 60-1200bph

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Automatic Bottle Loading Machine 60-1200bph

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Automatic bottle loading machine is used to feed the the 3-5 gallon bottles/barrels into washing-filling-capping machine. It controlled by PLC and works automatically. It’s used in the 3/5 gallon barrel water filling production line. The bottles convey to the entrance of machine by conveyor belt,then the machine will overturn the bottle automatically, and insert the bottle into rinsing mouth. All the components and metal material are from famous brand abroad or domestic. It ensues the high quality of our machine.

1.All process is controlled by PLC, accurate positioning, auto finish, less human power, low
intensity of labor, high efficiency.
2.All machine adopt high quality stainless material, stainless board, accurate argon arc welding,
few deformation, beauty bone pattern, make sure machine will work normal in every condition.
3.The components are adopt import series or internal famous brand, ensure the function more
stable and reliable.
4.During the process of feeding, the edge of the barrel will not be damaged.
5. Advanced technology, high degree of automation, easy to operate.
6.Small volume, light weight, elegant appearance, strong erosion resistance.
7.Completely sterilizing, can avoid air polluted, make sure the product is high quality.

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