Household(RO) Water Filter
Household(RO) Water Filter
Household(RO) Water Filter

Household(RO) Water Filter

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Household(RO) Water Filter
The purifier adopts patented membrane flushing technology, patented water saving technology and unique compound filter cartridge to make the machine longer life, smaller size, less wastage and larger pure water flow. In addition, pressure reducer, leakage valve and low pressure switch ensures safety of usage.

1.No water tank and post-carbon filter, avoid pure water pollution
2.Pure water output high to 400G/D
3.70 high usage rate of source water at temperature 5-38 degree
4.Long lifetime of filter cartridge, maximum 3 years
5.Provide clean water and pure water
6.Waste water is 80 percent less than traditional model
7.Colorful frontal panel for choice
8.Save, smart and easy.


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