Household Water Purifier
Household Water Purifier

Household Water Purifier

Model NO.:
Household Water Purifier

1. 5 micon inline PP filter
2. The aperture of PP filter is no more than 5 micron, which guarantees the officient
3. Elimination of solid impurities such as sand and rust in the source water.
4. Granule Active carbon filter
5. It can absorb the chlorine, foul smell and other substances in the water.
6. 1 micron inline pp filter
7. It can eliminate even tinier impurities such as molecules and rust.
8. RO membrane
9. Its aperture is 0.0001 micron, which ensures the efficient elimination of
10. Germs, toxins, heavy metals, salt and other harmful substances.
11. Post carbon filter
12. It can restrain the regrownth of germs and improve the taste of pure water.

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