RO Water Purifier RO-11
RO Water Purifier RO-11
RO Water Purifier RO-11

RO Water Purifier RO-11

Model NO.:

Filter combination and function:
The first stage:  PP cotton filter element (It is recommended to replace this part every 3 to 6 months)
      Effectively filter solid impurities such as rust, sand, colloid and so on in the water, and protect the subsequent filter element. 
The second stage:  granular activated carbon (It is recommended to replace this part every 6 to 8 months)
      High-quality granular activated carbon, highly effective adsorption of residual chlorine in water, peculiar smell, etc. 
The third stage:  PP cotton filter element(It is recommended to replace this part every 3 to 6 months)
      Reduce raw water turbidity, chroma, and visible objects, and further intercept colloids, microorganisms, etc.
The fourth stage:reverse osmosis RO membrane (It is recommended to replace this part every 2 to 3 years)
      The desalination rate of bacteria, viruses, organic compounds, and inorganic salts in the filtered water reaches 99% .
The fifth stage:  Rear activated carbon filter element
      The high-quality coconut shell activated carbon filter material is used to further remove peculiar smell in the water and improve the taste.

 Easy to change filter: Just need to change the filter and no need to open the machine.
Tempered glass panel.
Five-fold fine filtration system, multiple clean filtration.
Clean water machine, heating water purification machine,Ice and heat integrated machine.(The ice machine adds $10)
Can add fruit and vegetable detoxification function, effectively remove agricultural residues.(Increase USD 5.00)
304 stainless steel liner.
Multi-head water outlet design, with water outlet on the side.
Built-in water storage tank, large water storage capacity.

Applicable voltage220V
Rated power550W
Materialtempering glass
Applicable water pressure0.15-0.4Mpa
Product Size580*190*434mm
Loading Qty.230pcs/20GP,562pcs/40HQ

  • Type:Reverse Osmosis
  • Use:Household Pre-Filtration
  • Power (W):550W
  • Voltage (V):220V
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand Name:OEM
  • Model Number:RO-11

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