Seawater Desalination Machine-copy-1532071442
Seawater Desalination Machine-copy-1532071442

Seawater Desalination Machine-copy-1532071442

Model NO.:
Seawater Desalination Machine-copy-1532071442
Seawater desalination machine is used for sea islands, troop stations and sea shore cities short of water. It effectively removes harmful elements such as inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic bacteria, pathogens, etc. This seawater desalination equipment desalinates the seawater or brackish water to clean water with desalination rate high to 98%. In this series, the pre-treatment equipment system consists of a full automatic multi-channel valve to perform automatic and large volume flush and back-flush processing. The shell and pipe are made of anti-corrosion materials, making for a complete system that is highly durable and long-lasting.
1. Intelligent design, use PLC automatic control system which can pre-set the time to start up and shut down.
2. Small size, light weight, compact and beautiful design.
3. Simple operation, convenient utilization and commissioning, one click operation to start up and shut down
4. World’s most advanced energy recycle device and control technology enables the equipments to maintain the world leading level in overall performance , mute, energy consumption and costs
5. Equipment system design can be optimized according to customer’s current space and water production demand.
6. Successful application of modular system: integration of space application and rationality of technology.
7. Provision of turkey projects from design, production to one-site installation and commissioning.
8. Equipped with central monitoring automatic control system with mature and high-intelligent human machine conversation functions.
9. Land equipment can be equipped with high-efficiency energy recycle device to achieve the energy conservation.

1. The guarantee of our machines is at least two years, also we will send 3% of sales value as spare parts along with the machines free of charge, the parts will be enough for at least 3 years for the normal operation of machines.
2. We can train your engineers in our factory free of charge. It means you can send your engineers to our factory to study and training, we have rich experiences for the training, it is the good way to make sure that you can operate and maintain our machines successfully and for long term normal use.
3. We will offer you detail manual books for our machines, also we will make one Video CD to show you how to install and maintain the machines, the CD is the movie for the machines, it will be the great references for you to maintain the machines for the long time.
4. Another way is that we can send our engineers to your factory to install the machines and train your engineers, we think it is the best way to help you operate and maintain the machines. We have been doing the install jobs for our overseas customers for many years. In this way you need to pay for the travel costs for our engineers, because our initial quotes don’t include the travel costs.
5. All of the electrical parts in our machines are CE or TUV approved.

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