Semi-automatic empty bottle baler
Semi-automatic empty bottle baler

Semi-automatic empty bottle baler

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Semi-automatic empty bottle baler
1. The design of the equipment is simple and practical, and it can be accurately positioned and connected with the production lines such as the blowing machine, the side leakage machine, the visual inspection machine and the labeling machine.
2. According to the product characteristics and customer specific requirements, we can customize special automatic balers for various specifications and shapes to meet the special requirements of customers in various industries.
3. Automatic plastic bottle baler with high adjustability, suitable for plastic bags of different specifications, the number of rows and columns of bagging can be adjusted.
4. Hot melt system automatic sealing port.
1. Power: 220V, 50/60HZ.
2. Power: 1KW.
3. Gas source requirements: 6-8ber.
4. Machine size: 3M * 1.5M * 2.0M (conveyor belt length 2M adjustable).
5. Packaged objects: 500ml-5000ml bottle.
6. The output: according to the size of the product (3000-4000 bottles / hour).
7. Packaging bag requirements: can be customized according to customer packaging bags.
8. Can package products of different sizes and shapes.
9. The bottle pusher with positioning device, adjustable positioning position.