Water Bottle Pump K7
Water Bottle Pump K7
Water Bottle Pump K7
Water Bottle Pump K7
Water Bottle Pump K7
Water Bottle Pump K7

Water Bottle Pump K7

Model NO.:
Water Bottle Pump K7

1.Plastic material: PP
2.lithium battery : 1200mHA
3.Color: white + black + blue
4.Single 280 type pump
5.One button mechanical switch
6.In case of charging: red lamp + full lamp off
7.Built-in battery: USB charging ways suitable for bottled water: 4.5L/5L/7.5L/10L/11.3L/15L/18.9L

1. Draw a bucket of water: 11 minutes to 17 liters of water
2. Full power can: pumping 7-8 barrels of water
3.Product accessories: Does the circuit board have charge and discharge protection?
Yes, the lowest charging and discharging voltage 2.8V will automatically power off
4. Battery life: 200 charges and discharges
5.What is the way the pump is internally pumped: reciprocating
6.How long is the service life of the model 280 pump motor?
Work continuously for 180 minutes




Power 5
Suitable capacity4.5L/5L/7.5L/10L/11.3L/15L/18.9L
Net weight0.24kg
Gross weigh12.5kg
Packing size44.5*28*38.5cm
Quantity (20/40HQ)28000pcs/68000pcs
  • Place of Origin:CHIHA
  • Brand Name:GOLDSAN,OEM
  • Model Number:K7

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