Water pump K17
Water pump K17
Water pump K17
Water pump K17
Water pump K17
Water pump K17
Water pump K17

Water pump K17

Model NO.:
Supply Ability:
25-30 piece / Day

1. Plastic material: PP
2.Power Source:usb, Battery, Electric
3.Color: black,white,pink,green
4.Single 280 type pump
5.Touch the switch belt light with one key
6.In case of charging: red light + green light with full power
7.A flush of electricity can supply 5-6 buckets of water
8.Suitable for bottled water: 4.5L/5L/7.5L/10L/11.3L/15L/18.9L
9.Automatic pumping for one minute and power off
10.Pumping a bucket of water: 11 minutes/17L of bottled water, 5-6 buckets of water can be pumped when fully charged

1. Draw a bucket of water: 11 minutes to 17 liters of water
2. Full power can: pumping 7-8 barrels of water
3.Product accessories: Does the circuit board have charge and discharge protection?
Yes, the lowest charging and discharging voltage 2.8V will automatically power off
4. Battery life: 200 charges and discharges
5.What is the way the pump is internally pumped: reciprocating
6.How long is the service life of the model 280 pump motor?
Work continuously for 180 minutes

304 stainless steel pipe length 11.5CM
Food grade silicone hose length 55CM
The USB power cord is 0.5 meters long




Power 5
Suitable capacity4.5L/5L/7.5L/10L/11.3L/15L/18.9L
Net weight15kg
Gross weigh15.5kg
product size13*7.2cm
Packing size49.5*30.5*42.5cm
Quantity (20/40HQ)13300pcs/ 32350pcs
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand Name:Goldsan, OEM
  • Model Number:K17

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